Service Providers

Our expert practitioners collaborate in developing individual programs to guide participants through their physical challenges.

Dr. LeeAnn Steinfeldt Manoni

Functional Medicine & Chiropractic, Co-Founder

Dr. LeeAnn attended chiropractic school at the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL. She studied under a highly trained Carrick Institute professor and learned how to utilize functional medicine in order to help those suffering from complex neurological disorders. Through this education, she became more and more intrigued as to how she could integrate this into her future practice.

Dr. LeeAnn has achieved the highest level of training in the field of Functional Neurology by obtaining her Diplomate Degree in Chiropractic Neurology through the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. Her training consisted of multiple courses through the Carrick Institute and Functional Neurology seminars, as well as a Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation (FNOR) program. She has also taken numerous additional courses in functional medicine, Mellilo methods for pediatric delays, ADHD, Autism and more.

Her current practice focuses on both pediatric & adult neurological and autoimmune conditions, including, but not limited to, post-concussion syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, autism spectrum disorder, migraines, dizziness, chronic pain, movement disorders

Chad Cunningham

Speech Therapy

Chad completed his Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences & Disorders from Western Illinois University (WIU); there, he was a member and eventual president of the WIU Student Speech Language & Hearing Association. He continued his post-graduate work in Speech-Language Pathology at WIU, earning a Master’s Degree. He is accredited by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and is a member of the ASHA Special Interest Group, Neurogenic Communication Disorders. He has provided neuro-rehabilitation to adults with acquired neurological & progressive neurological disorders at most stages of disorder progression. Chad also has care experience within hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient care centers and assisted & independent living environments.

Chad uses a metacognitive approach, targeting client education of the cognitive processes and how they interact with our ability to communicate & complete executive functions, as well as swallow food & liquids. He has found that an informed client will typically demonstrate improved outcomes, maintenance, and carryover of the skills learned during Speech Therapy. This is especially important with clients who have progressive and acquired neurological disorders, as many people may feel defined or trapped by these disorders.

Chad’s interest in the Communication Sciences began at an early age; he was enamored with dialects and accents in adolescence. His academic interest grew when he first learned of a course called “Speech Science”, in which the science of respiration, phonation, resonation, and articulation was taught. He knew this would be his career after his first semester of clinical experience treating patients at the WIU clinic, where he recognized his skill and delight with being able to help others in this profession.

Mark Fasick

Physical Therapy, Health & Wellness Training

Mark started his academic career at the University of Illinois – Urbana where he studied biology for two years. He then transferred to the University’s physical therapy program, located at the Chicago campus, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in physical therapy in 1991.

In 1996, Mark earned a Certificate of Biblical Studies at Trinity International University, better equipping him for lay service in the church and the world. He headed back to school in 2002 to pursue a postgraduate degree in physical therapy, earning a Master’s Degree with special emphasis on neurologic physical therapy. At the same time, Mark attained his Board Certification through the APTA as a Neurologic Specialist, which he has maintained to date. He has attended over 1200 hours of continuing education throughout the years. Perhaps the most important educational experience, however, has been learning from his patients and colleagues over the span of his career thus far.

Mark’s education and experience provide him with ample skill to care for a variety of patient types, including orthopedic, geriatric, trauma, general medical, vestibular and amputation. However, his expertise is in the area of neurologic PT. He treats a variety of neurologic conditions including stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, various balance conditions, neuropathy and others. He is certified in LSVT BIG, providing him with the knowledge and skill to provide this intensive protocol to individuals with Parkinson’s disease and similar disorders.

Mark can recall two factors leading to his decision to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. Preparing to go off to college, he sat with his mom brainstorming as to what he might do with his life. She simply said “have you thought about physical therapy?” and the seed was planted. Mark had also always enjoyed life sciences, but at the same time preferred to spend time with and helping people. Thirty years later, it is evident that it was the right fit.

Mark currently lives with his wife Emily and three kids in Mount Prospect, the town where both he and his dad grew up. His oldest son is now entering into his 3rd year of physical therapy school.

Nick Gorsline

Personal Training, Group Fitness & Equipment Management

In his early 20’s, Nick would find himself in the gym lifting weights almost every Friday and Saturday night to keep himself out of trouble. He felt that even when life had a way of getting out of hand, exercise was the one thing he could count on as a constant and provide positive reinforcement, regardless of what the situation was. At a certain point, he thought to himself: “if this provides stability in my life, it could provide stability in others as well”. At that moment, Nick decided to make it his purpose in life to help others through exercise the way it helps him by providing consistent and uplifting motivation.

Nick attended the National Personal Training Institute of Chicago. During the program, he had the opportunity to work with college athletes and a few rookie professional athletes as well; Nick even had the privilege of interning at several prestigious health clubs in the Gold Coast and on Michigan Avenue. Although working with athletes was fun and challenging, he felt something was missing.

During his studies at NPTI, Nick was given the opportunity to run the Fitness Center at a local Assisted Living Center in Barrington. There, he met a man there with Parkinson’s Disease as well as a rare bone cancer; no matter what day it was or how he felt, this particular Client showed up to every single workout. Like Nick, this Client knew the importance of how exercise is fundamental to our well-being; he also knew that each time he missed a workout, his independence was threatened. The day that the Client did not show up for a workout, Nick became concerned. He soon learned that the Client had been placed on Hospice. When Nick went to his room to visit, the Client asked if he had to workout that day, to which Nick replied: “You may rest.” Later that night, the Client passed away.

Once Nick had this experience, he was determined to find more men and women that had challenges, but needed the consistency and inspiration of exercise that he could help provide. In 2018, he discovered the NeuroBalance Center and has been here ever since. Nick provides 1:1 Personal Training, in addition to being a Group Fitness Instructor and our Equipment Manager at NeuroBalance Center.

Linda Henning

Pilates Reformer Training, Barre & Yoga Group Fitness and Personal Training

Linda graduated from the University of Iowa and immediately began her career in legal and corporate finance, where she worked for over 15 years. After working full-time during her first two pregnancies, she stayed home while pregnant with her third child. As an avid runner, Linda always embraced fitness; after giving birth to her third child, however, she became more familiar with the practice of Yoga. Eventually, Linda took a Yoga teacher training and received a behavioral certification to teach yoga to children of all ages. She successfully ran her own part-time yoga business, managing private clients and running an afterschool program in the Chicagoland area for both Chicago Public and Catholic Schools. Linda continued this work when she moved with her family to Southwest Florida, where she earned Pilates Reformer and Barre certifications. After moving back to Palatine, she continued to teach fitness and broadened her education with multiple certifications, including Power Plate, Aqua fitness, Spinning and Myofascial Release training in several formats .

Linda was introduced to NeuroBalance Center in November of 2020, where she began part time. She eventually became a full time member of our team, keeping a busy schedule and assisting the Executive Team when needed on special projects. In addition to being our go-to on all things Pilates, Linda teaches fitYoga and fitBarre. She also leads the fitGames and fitMS classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and loves to assist with fitBox classes when she can.

Her passions are her kids, fitness and time well spent – also, Go Bulls!

Metro Infusion of Illinois

Intravenous Treatment Center

For more than two decades, Metro Infusion Center has delivered one of the broadest arrays of infusion treatments available anywhere. Our state-of-the-art facilities services offer the latest technologies and medicines, while our attentive, compassionate physicians and nurses go above and beyond to make sure you get the highest quality care. Metro Infusion Centers is one of the most tenured, full-service, infusion therapy centers in the United States. For the convenience of our participants, Metro Infusion Centers now brings its services to the NeuroBalance Center.

Ely Newton

Physical Therapist

Ely Newton is a physical therapist with a passion for working with patients with neurological challenges. In her professional career spanning 20 years, she has worked in a wide range of settings, including acute care, inpatient and subacute rehab, outpatient and home health, but she has always found helping patients with neurological conditions to be especially rewarding.

Ely attended Marquette University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2001 and a Master of Physical Therapy in 2003. In 2018, Ely had a life-changing event that transformed her perspective and approach to patient care.  She was diagnosed with a rare leukemia called Acute Promyelocitic Leukemia (APL).  Living in the hospital for chemotherapy for 5 out of 8 months opened her eyes to the patient experience, how the unknown could often feel scary and lonely, how being listened to by healthcare providers felt empowering, and how caring providers could become an integral part of her tribe. Now in complete remission, Ely approaches patient care with a new sense of empathy and compassion, with the primary goal to give her patients a sense of empowerment and control in their care.

Ely lives a busy life with her husband, two children, and active dog. Outside of work, she is a part-time chauffeur, taking her children to all of their sports practices and games.  She enjoys playing volleyball, coaching her kids from the sidelines, and writing stories about her family life.  Ely feels very fortunate to be a part of The NeuroBalance Center community.

Sarah Schmidt, MS, OTR/L, CNS

Occupational Therapist

Sarah Schmidt is an Occupational Therapist with a passion for working with patients with neurological challenges. Within her professional career spanning 9 years, she has worked in a variety of settings, including acute care, inpatient and subacute rehab, outpatient and a day rehab program; regardless of where her career has taken her, she has always found helping patients with neurological conditions to be especially rewarding.

Sarah always knew she wanted a career helping people since she was a little girl. Her sophomore year of college, Sarah was offered a prestigious internship at NYU Langone Medical Center with Rusk Rehabilitation Institute. Sarah attended Concordia University-Wisconsin, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Science in 2012 and a Master of Occupational Therapy in 2015.

Sarah began her professional career in Bakersfield, CA at Center for Neuro Skills, specializing in neurologic rehabilitation & traumatic brain injury and continued her career in locations throughout the Chicago area. Throughout her career, she has made it a goal to always continue learning. In 2020, she completed her Certified Brain Injury Specialist training with the Neuro Institute, and plans to finish her advanced training with a focus on Neuro-Degenerative diseases in the coming months. Aside from her passion for treating neurological challenges, Sarah also has experience with vision rehab. She approaches patient care with empathy and compassion, while focusing holistically on the individual. Her primary goal is to give her patients a sense of empowerment, fulfillment and control in their care.

Sarah lives a busy life with her husband, and three children – all girls too! Outside of work, she attempts to balance self-care, being involved in church, working out, and spending time with her family. She feels very fortunate and excited to be a part of the NeuroBalance Center team.

Kelly Snow

Physical Therapy, Health & Wellness Training and Small Group Fitness

Kelly started her education at the University of Iowa where she studied Biology and Psychology. She then obtained her Master’s of Physical Therapy at Shenandoah University in 1996. Kelly has further achieved certifications in neurodevelopmental treatment, Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT Big) and Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR).

Kelly has spent 27 years in inpatient and outpatient neurologic rehabilitation at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. She has obtained hundreds of hours of continuing education throughout the years, specifically pertaining to interventions and techniques related to patients with neurological diagnoses. Kelly’s education and experience provides her an expansive skillset to care for a variety of patient types, including those who have acquired brain injury, neurodegenerative disease and spinal cord injury.

In high school, Kelly decided that she wanted to contribute to the medical field; when she began her studies in college, she discovered that physical therapy combined her desire to work in the medical field with improving the physical well-being of others. Her passion for human anatomy & physiology combined with her love for sports & fitness has made Physical Therapy feel like the perfect fit.

Kelly lives with her husband, daughter and golden retriever puppy in Park Ridge. She enjoys golfing, gardening, volleyball and volunteering in her community. She is a handler for a comfort dog ministry through her church and serves on the board of the Synapse House, which is a non-profit that provides services to those with acquired brain injury.

Dr. Joel Story

Functional Medicine & Chiropractic

Dr. Joel began his educational journey at the Moody Bible Institute, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications in 2009. In 2016, he received his Doctor of Chiropractic from the National University of Health Sciences; he is certified in McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT). He then received a Professional Certificate in Data Science, Informatics from HarvardX in 2022, and is currently enrolled in the Florida Institute of Technology’s Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Program in order to obtain a Certificate as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. His continued education has focused on clinical neuroscience, nutrition, neurological disorders and developmental disabilities.

Dr. Joel’s current practice focuses primarily on behavior change; he aims to provide accessible options to help individuals learn the skills they need to achieve their goals, whether that be improving balance, abolishing or controlling pain, or minimizing the impact of health conditions. He chose this practice because he enjoys learning new things and continually improving what he does and how he lives. His hope is to share what he has learned in a way that helps others realize their own goals and learn from them along the way.

Kathie Urban

Clinical Therapeutic Massage & Flame Cupping

Through many years of study and practice, Kathie has skillfully mastered massage therapy and bodywork as powerful tools to help restore balance in the body and relieve chronic pain. After graduating from Dominican University and attaining experience in the medical fields of nutrition and pharmaceuticals, Kathie became drawn to more physical methods of medicine. Cupping therapy especially drew her into the massage practice, as these techniques were commonly used to provide healing in her Eastern European culture.

After graduating Estelle’s European School of Massage Therapy, Kathie acquired her practice to become an expert in therapeutic massage gaining expertise working on clients at physical therapy clinics and health spas. Kathie has devoted her time and focus to myofascial release and cupping therapy due to the results seen of the healing nature. The dedicated practice of myofascial bodywork goes beyond pampering and targets a connective tissue called fascia, which is an important yet often overlooked body system responsible for many physical ailments including adhesions and chronic pain.

With this discipline, Kathie’s personal approach blends European massage techniques and alternative medicinal practices, with targeted biological myofascial tissue bodywork.

Gregg Wallace

Reiki Master

Gregg’s Reiki journey began in 1994, and it’s been an exhilarating, enlightening, and joyful path. Over the years, he has provided countless sessions to clients of all ages with a variety of health conditions. Even when Gregg first started practicing this wonderful modality 30 years ago, his ultimate dream was to eventually dedicate himself to working with those in need on a full-time basis.

Reiki therapy is a gentle, light-touch, and non-invasive healing technique. It induces a significant relaxation response, and provides a deep sense of calmness, relaxation, and peacefulness. Because this holistic practice can dramatically reduce stress and anxiety, Reiki can be an effective complementary therapy for many health and mobility challenges.

After being certified as a Medical Reiki Master, Gregg has provided Reiki therapy in several Chicago-area hospitals. He is also a Professional Member of The Center for Reiki Research, which supports the study of Reiki and its efficacy within the medical environment. Gregg’s Reiki training has provided him with the privilege of working with patients in a variety of clinical settings including Inpatient, Infusion, Post-Acute Care, and Integrative Medicine. 

Ultimately, Gregg’s dream of providing healing touch on a full-time basis has happened and he is filled with gratitude every single day. He is truly grateful for this new opportunity to work with NeuroBalance Center patients, caregivers, and their families. Gregg is also a volunteer for JourneyCare Hospice in Barrington, providing Reiki therapy as part of JourneyCare’s end-of-life care team.

Gregg grew up in the Chicago area (north suburbs actually). He and his wife enjoy exploring the wonderful gifts of nature, meditation/sound healing, and hosting their family and friends for backyard get-togethers. They’re also huge table tennis players!