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The Neurobalance Center Offers
One-on-One Personal Training


In addition to regularly scheduled group fitness classes, The Neurobalance Center offers one-on-one and small group personal training. Our instructors provide personalized, hands-on training in Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates Reformer, Balance Ball and Power Plate. Personal training helps participants improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, gait and range of motion.

At The Neurobalance Center, we put fitness and wellness to work to help our participants live their best lives. Participants learn how to train their bodies and brains in ways that make daily living less challenging and more manageable. “Empowering” is a word we hear a lot.

 “These diseases change what your body can do. We help you find new ways to move better so that we can improve your quality of life, despite the condition you have.”

~ Joy Wagner | Founder, Neurobalance Center

Pilates Reformer & Cadillac

Building strength in the core of the body is the focus of our Pilates personal training sessions. We offer specialized equipment including the Pilates Reformer and Pilates Cadillac that help isolate muscle groups and improve movement. Weights, straps, yoga and balance balls are also utilized during these sessions. Our expert personal trainers have special expertise in working with people with physical challenges.

Pilates Reformer

Duets classes deliver the benefits of personalized Pilates Reformer training in a two-on-one format. Our expert personal trainer will guide you and another participant through these focused sessions, which are designed especially for individuals like you. Work alongside your Duets session partner to improve movement, build muscle strength and enhance range of motion.

Personal Training
& PowerPlate

Our personal training sessions are designed for anyone who wants to improve mobility or independence. Sessions are specifically tailored to the needs of each participant. Many of these sessions incorporate PowerPlate training to help people with neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke and neuropathy. Personal training can also enhance rehabilitation and recovery.