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Created for People Living with
Neuromuscular or Autoimmune Conditions


The group fitness classes at The Neurobalance Center might sound like those you’d find at your local fitness center. They incorporate elements of Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and other popular programs. But our programs have all been created especially for people living with neuromuscular or autoimmune conditions.

Our classes are designed to help participants with their unique challenges. These programs improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, gait, speech and range of motion. They increase overall fitness which, in turn, helps our participants live better and adapt to the challenges they are facing.


This seated class incorporates Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Balance Ball elements. It is ideal for people with special considerations such as Multiple Sclerosis.


This one-hour class was created for people with Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders.  It includes both seated and standing work to improve coordination, gait, balance, and vocal strength.


The Neurobalance Center’s Yoga classes are designed to promote health and relaxation for participants with different levels of ability.


A 30-minute class that provides a full-body workout for anyone who is pressed for time or needs to conserve energy.

Rock Steady Boxing

A boxing style training program for those with Parkinson’s Disease. Focused, intensive exercise using boxing techniques in a supportive atmosphere make this an exciting (and often loud) class.

Fit Brain & Body

Join us for a lively class that encourages laughter while exercising. This active class incorporates games & props to challenge all.Designed for those with Epilepsy, Tramatic Brain Injury or other similar conditions.