Our Access For Everyone (AFE) program is a comprehensive program that provides financial assistance for those in need.

What services are eligible for the AFE Program?: The services eligible for Financial Assistance are those provided by NeuroBalance Center; specifically, eligible services are Health & Wellness Training and Personal Training; massage services can be covered on an as-needed basis. Excluded from eligibility are Group Fitness Classes, Transportation, and any Insurance-Based Services provided by those who operate under the NeuroBalance Center non-profit and accept insurance through their own private business.

How do I know if I will qualify?: Each individual application is taken under consideration. However, NeuroBalance Center Services are already offered at a discounted rate and not every applicant will qualify for assistance. We base our eligibility model on Medicaid Eligibility for the State of Illinois and utilize information from the American Council on Aging ; this also matches the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2024 Poverty Guidelines.

How do I apply?: Applicants must fully complete the application and provide supplemental proof of household income by way of a federal tax return for the previous tax year; each application will qualify the application for one year of Financial Assistance, after which point the application must reapply. AFE applications can be requested by NeuroBalance Center Management or Reception; Service Providers do not distribute the forms directly. Should Management or Reception not be available to provide an application, such as when a request is made outside of business hours, the application can be found on our website for download. Applications can be submitted to Reception or Management upon completion; only fully completed applications, including all supporting documentation required, will be taken into consideration.