2015 Gala-Our Biggest Fundraising Event Of The Year!

Neurobalance Center News
October 28, 2015

"From all our Providers, Volunteers and myself. we thank all those who come to the center for services, You’ve taught us every thing we know. Thank you for inspiring each other, for welcoming new participants and for sharing your experiences with all of us. Thank you for your support, your friendship, and your courage.

From all the participants at the center, providers and volunteers. We thank all of our sponsors and donors, many of whom are here tonight, for your financial support.

You’re helping to change the way we see the world, to change the way the way the world sees us, and we are grateful.

Let’s lift our glasses to each other. Everyone in this room has played a role in another great year at the NeuroBalance Center!"

 - Joy Wagner

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